Wednesday, October 6, 2010

You Tube Subscribers – Part 2 – Noobz Rules

new-2 No matter what you think, when you first start getting subscribers you are going to be a noob.   So you can lay back, take it easy, and wait for the subscribers to come to you. And wait.  And did I say, wait?  You might get a whole 10 of them subscribers, if you ask your friends.

You might even buy 100 if you’re desperate.  

But you also might notice that if you subscribe to certain channels then you will get a sub back.  This is called sub4sub and it’s an integral part of the You Tube underground economy. 

If you’re like me you might start subbing and friending everyone at random.  And you will get some subs that way.  But whatever you do, and you are bound to do this as a noob, don’t ask anyone for a sub who doesn’t do sub4sub in return because some people are very against this practice and do they ever get pissed off. 

You will soon stop doing random subs anyway because it doesn’t return many subs for the amount of clicking you have to do.

However, at the end of this exercise you will have a lot of friends, a huge number of subscriptions and a few more subscribers.  This information will show up in the modules that are on your channel page.   It is at this point that you really want to turn your Subscriptions module off.  You can do this from the control panel at the top of your channel by unchecking the box next to the word Subscriptions. 


Why do you want to turn this off?  If people see that you have more Subscriptions than Subscribers they will not subscribe to you because they think you don’t care.  I’m not making this up or being paranoid. People who I’ve questioned when they didn’t subscribe told me they didn’t subscribe for this very reason.

You can worry about all those extra Subscriptions later – or not – it doesn’t really matter because after you get to 100 subscriptions then you will not be delivered any additional videos when you look at your subscriptions page.        


How can you get a better return on your clicks? There are a number of ways.  If you read the profile of the channel you are subscribing then they will usually mention if they do sub4sub.   Some will require a message from you saying that you subbed.  Others may require that you stand on one foot and hop in a circle while you squeal like a pig.  Just kidding – no one ever asks for you to hop in a circle.

If you’ve read the Profile and you’re still unsure but want to do a sub4sub with this channel then you can always send a polite message asking if they do sub4sub.  Make sure it’s really polite because the subject can truly piss some people off – as I mentioned earlier.

So now you’re well on your way to getting subs.  Not fast enough?  It never is.  But we can get you a better return on your clicks – just you wait – until the next instalment…  

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