Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You Tube Subscribers - Part 1 – Who cares?

youtube_logo As a screenwriter, you’re probably saying., “You Tube Subscribers, who cares?”  But if you should ever want to produce one of your scripts and show it on the web then this post might help you.

And you still might be saying, “Subscribers, who cares?”   And that’s fine, some people really don’t care how many subscribers they have nor how many views they get.  But if you’re looking for repeat business and a guaranteed minimum views then you will definitely be looking for subscribers.

Views are the main currency on You Tube.  Think of the number of views you have on a clip as your salary.   You can have lots of co-workers (those are your Friends), it’s easy to find co-workers on You Tube – most anyone will friend you.  But you only get a limited number of customers (and that is your Subscribers). Subscribers are delivered your content and a percentage of them will watch it.  Subscribers = Views.

My channel, Computer Girl TV, is nearing 800 subscribers and I have definitely noticed an increase in the number of automatic views I get when I upload content.   If you do by chance visit my channel, then please subscribe.

For some people it seems easy to get Subscribers.  There are channels with over one million.  These channels have a few things in common. The first is they have lots of content.  So… 

Rule #1 have lots of content. 

These channels are constantly updating their content, at least weekly.  That is one reason why a number of web blogs are so popular.

Rule #2 update your content at least weekly.

ComputerGirlAvatarbigIt doesn’t look like  having a known brand is a rule which is lucky because that’s not possible for most of us. Instead I’ll go for…

Rule #3 personalize your channel.

Make it about your brand, even if your brand isn’t a known one.

And the last rule, before we even start getting subscribers, is do some SEO (Search engine optimization) on the content you upload.  If people can’t find you, you aren’t going to get walk-in customers.

Rule #4 do proper SEO on your content. 

Next up – Part 2 – N00bz rulez.

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